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1 being undiluted or unmixed with extraneous material [syn: pureness] [ant: impurity]
2 the state of being free from sin or moral wrong; lacking a knowledge of evil [syn: sinlessness, innocence]
3 a woman's virtue or chastity [syn: honor, honour]

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  1. The state of being pure.



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Purity is the absence of impurity in a substance.
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Attic simplicity, Atticism, Christianity, Christlikeness, Christliness, Munsell chroma, absoluteness, angelicalness, appropriateness, asepsis, assured probity, beauty of holiness, blamelessness, blotlessness, brightness, character, chasteness, chastity, chroma, chromatic color, chromaticity, clarity, classical purity, classicalism, classicism, clean slate, cleanliness, cleanly habits, cleanness, clear conscience, clearness, color quality, colorimetric quality, combination, comeliness, commonness, commonplaceness, cool color, correctness, daintiness, decency, decorousness, defectlessness, dignity, directness, discrimination, distinction, ease, elegance, elegancy, elementarity, erectness, estimableness, fairness, fastidiousness, faultlessness, fear of God, felicitousness, felicity, finish, fittingness, flawlessness, flow, flowing periods, fluency, freshness, fundamentality, fusion, godlikeness, godliness, godly-mindedness, good character, good taste, goodness, grace, gracefulness, gracility, guilelessness, guiltlessness, harmlessness, healthfulness, heavenliness, heavenly-mindedness, high ideals, high principles, high-mindedness, holiness, holy-mindedness, homeliness, homogeneity, honesty, honor, honorableness, hospital cleanliness, hue, identity, immaculacy, immaculateness, impeccability, individuality, indivisibility, infallibility, innocence, innocency, innocentness, innocuousness, intactness, integrality, integration, integrity, inviolability, irreducibility, irreproachability, irreproachableness, justice, justness, lightness, limpidity, lucidity, matter-of-factness, modesty, monism, moral excellence, moral strength, morality, naturalness, neatness, neutral color, nobility, nothing to hide, odor of sanctity, offenselessness, oneness, ordinariness, organic unity, otherworldliness, particularity, pellucidity, perfection, perspicuity, plainness, polish, prelapsarian state, principles, probity, properness, propriety, prosaicness, prosiness, pureness, pureness of heart, rectitude, refinement, reproachlessness, reputability, respectability, restraint, righteousness, sainthood, saintlikeness, saintliness, saintship, salubrity, sanctitude, sanctity, saturation, seemliness, selfsameness, seraphicalness, severity, sexual innocence, simpleness, simplicity, singleness, singularity, sinlessness, smoothness, snowiness, solidarity, solidification, solidity, spiritual-mindedness, spirituality, spotlessness, stainlessness, starkness, sterility, straightforwardness, taintlessness, taste, tastefulness, terseness, tidiness, tint, tone, unadulteration, unaffectedness, unblemishedness, unblottedness, uncorruptness, undefiledness, undividedness, unearthliness, unguiltiness, unification, uniformity, unimpeachability, unimpeachableness, uniqueness, unity, univocity, unmixedness, unsoiledness, unsophistication, unspottedness, unstainedness, unsulliedness, untaintedness, unworldliness, uprightness, upstandingness, value, virginity, virtue, virtuousness, warm color, whiteness, wholeness, wholesomeness, worthiness
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